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What to expect...

When you arrive with Dr Jeanette Else or Dr Kim Robertson, we will discuss a thorough medical history with you, as well as discuss your current problem you are facing. Often incidents that occurred many years ago, contribute to the problem you are facing today. We will then perform relevant orthopaedic examinations, as well as spinal examinations to get a better understanding of your body. We will begin with gentle soft tissue work, then perform the adjustments. Post adjustment, we will demonstrate and perform ergonomic corrections, routinely stretches, and educate you on preventing the pain reoccurring. We love having you visit us, but we want your wellness at its best, and prefer we see you, "pain free" when we design your maintenance plan.

The treatment session is about 30 minutes long, where we can chat all sorts of things, get to know you, and welcome you as part of our practice. We have an Open Door policy, and love hearing from you, should you have any queries about Chiropractic.

Meet Drs. Else and Robertson

Dr. Jeanette Else

(M. tech Chiropractic)

I have started the practice 9 years ago, at Edenglen. With lots of patience, passion and perseverance, I can proudly say I have built my empire. We have three running practices to date. As the years have gone on, I have become a mommy to three beautiful children, who are my sunshine.

I have settled into Pretoria a few years ago, where I take special interest in pregnancy related ailments, as well as paediatrics. I intend on forming a strong bond with my pregnant patients, as we nurture them into treating the entire family and take care of their wellbeings.

I say, I do treat big people too! Everyone is welcome in our practice.
I work closely with the local midwives and lactation consultants, and like to consider ourselves a team, empowering young families with the knowledge of Chiropractic and its benefits.

I look forward to welcoming you to our practice, where you will be in the best hands ♡

Dr. Kim Robertson

(M. tech Chiropractic)

Special Interests: Paediatrics and pregnancy


Dr Kim Robertson graduated from the University of Johannesburg with a Master’s degree in chiropractic in early 2017. She has had two years of clinical experience working at the University of Johannesburg Chiropractic clinic. Here, she worked at the Emthembeni Children’s centre gaining practical experience treating babies and toddlers. Since then Dr Robertson has been in private practice and worked as an associate for Dr Jeanette Else. In 2020 Dr Robertson has become a partner in Drs. Else and Robertson Chiropractors.

Dr Kim Robertson is registered with:

AHPCSA – Allied Health Professional Council of South Africa
CASA – Chiropractic Association of South Africa
PCSA – Paediatric Chiropractic Association of South Africa

Dr Robertson has taken part in many courses and seminars such as the Dr Steve Williams paediatric seminar on neonatal and infant examination and treatment and the Dr Nils Bergman seminar on neuroscience for improved neonatal outcomes. Dr Robertson is dedicated to keeping informed about the newest research and improvements in diagnostic and treatment practices in the chiropractic community. She has a passion for chiropractic and is always willing to go the extra mile for patients.

Proud Partner